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“S & I” Ltd


These Terms govern the relationship between “S&I” and the users of its websites and services, located in the following domain http://www.virtualteameu.com.

“S&I” Ltd is a company registered under the Bulgarian Commercial Law and UIC 200106952, with seat and address of management as follows: 1612 Sofia, Krasno Selo area, Lagera 36, fl. 6/39, email: info@virtualteameu.com.

“S&I” Ltd is registered as a data controller and possesses a certificate of data controller N 435346.

Please read the terms and conditions published in full before using the information and commercial services offered by the site http://www.virtualteameu.com (hereinafter referred to as services). Each user automatically undertakes to comply with the conditions described below.

This document contains information about the activities of “S&I” and the general terms and conditions for use of the services provided by “S&I”, and it governs the relationship between “S&I”  and its users.

Confirmation of the General conditions is necessary and indispensable to the conclusion of the contract between the user and “S&I”.


Art. 1. The services provided by“S&I” to the user are information society services within the meaning of the law on electronic commerce.

Art. 2. “S&I” is available on the site https://www.virtualteameu.com through which users are

able to conclude contracts for the service offered by “S&I” Services, as well as to negotiate individually for a service provision.

(2) The user can track the ordered service through project management software as a tool on the site. Through an account on the site, it is possible to assign new projects.


Art. 3. (1) The users use the enquiry form on S&I website to conclude contracts for the service offered by “S&I” Services.

            (2) The service contract shall be deemed concluded by the time of confirmation of the order by “S&I”

Art. 4. (1) The user chooses one or more of the services offered on the site.

            (2) It is necessary for the user to choose the method and time of payment, and then to confirm the order.  


Art. 5. (1) The prices of the services shall be those set out on “S&I” website at the time of making the order, except in cases of obvious error.

            (2) The prices of the products include VAT, in cases where it is provided to be charged.

Art. 6. “S&I” reserves the right to change the prices of the offered services at any time and without notice, as such changes will not affect orders already carried out.

Art. 7. (1) “S&I” can provide discounts for the services in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation and the rules laid down by “S&I”. The rules applicable to such discounts are available at the place where the discount is displayed. Discounts may be provided in various forms (e.g., promotions, loyalty discounts offered individually, on a random basis or as a result of participation in a contest or the client survey).

            (2) The various types of discounts cannot be combined with the order and purchase of the same service.


Art. 8. (1) The user may pay the price of the ordered services by choosing one of the options listed on the website. 

Art. 9. If the user selects a payment method, including third-party payment service provider, the user may be bound by the provisions and conditions and/or the fees of such third party.

Art. 10. “S&I” is not responsible if a payment method, including third-party payment service provider, is not available or otherwise is not functioning for reasons which cannot be imputed to the fault of the “S&I”.


Art. 11. (1) The user is entitled to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason without compensation or a penalty within 14 days from the date of the order.

             (2) In order to exercise its rights under this clause, the user must notify unequivocally “S&I” for his decision to withdraw from the contract, as referred in the provision of all the data about the order, including, but not limited to: content and value of the contract, the data of the person who made the order, etc.

            (3)“S&I” shall upload the right to contract withdrawal standard form.

            (4) To exercise the right of withdrawal, “S&I” gives the user a choice to fill in and send electronically through the website a contract withdrawal standard form. In these cases, “S&I” immediately sends the user an acknowledgement of withdrawal receipt.

            (5) Where, in connection with the performance of the contract, “S&I” has incurred costs – and the costumer withdraws from the contract, S&I has the right to withhold the amount of the expenses or to require their payment.

Art. 12. The user is not entitled to withdraw from the contract in the event that the subject of the same are as follows:

  1. for the provision of services, in which the service is provided completely and its implementation has begun with the expressed prior consent of the user and an acknowledgement on his or her part that s/he is aware of losing his withdrawal right once the agreement is completed entirely by the trader;
  1. for the provision of digital content, which is not delivered on a physical medium, where implementation has started with the expressed consent of the user, and s/he has confirmed being aware of losing his or her withdrawal right.

Art. 13. “S&I” restores the user paid price.  


Art. 14. (1) The user is entitled to claim for any non-conformance in the service (s) agreed upon in the contract.

Art. 15. The user has the right to claim the return of the  service, regardless of whether the trader has provided commercial guarantee on the service.

            (2) The return of service must be brought within 14 days of the detection of non-conformance in the service (s) agreed upon in the contract.

Art. 16. (1) A complaint shall be filed orally via “S&I” phone or in writing via e-mail, mail, or submitted to the company’s address. “S&I” provides access to a claim form on its site.

             (2). In the complaint, the user shall specify the subject matter of the claim, the preferred way to satisfy the claim, according to the size of the amount claimed, and address, telephone and email contact.

            (3) Upon filing of the complaint, the user must apply any documents on which the claim is based, namely:

  1. Receipt or invoice
  2. Protocols, instruments or other documents establishing the non-conformance of the service agreed
  1. Other documents establishing the claim amount

Art. 17. The lodging of claim shall not preclude a claim.

Art. 18. (1) “S&I” keeps a log of the lodged claims. The user is provided with a document by email referring to the claim number fixed in the register and the type of service.

             (2) When “S&I” satisfies the claim, the document shall be drawn up in two copies, with one copy for the user.  


Art. 19. (1) The intellectual property rights on all materials and resources located on the website of “S&I” (including available databases) are subject to protection under the law on copyright and related rights, and belong to “S&I” or to a person who has delegated the right to use, and may not be used in violation of applicable law.

             (2) When copying or reproducing information outside of the permissible, as with any other violation of intellectual property rights over the resources of “S&I” has the right to claim compensation for the direct and indirect damage in full.

            (3) Unless otherwise expressly agreed, the user may not reproduce, modify, delete, publish, distribute and communicate to the public information resources published on the website of “S&I”

Art. 20. (1) “S&I” is obliged to take due care to provide a normal user access to the services provided.

           (2) “S&I” reserves the right to suspend access to the services provided. “S&I”  has the right but not the obligation, in its sole discretion, to delete any information resources and materials posted on the site.


Art. 21. “S&I” has the right in its sole discretion, without prior notice, to terminate the

contract unilaterally, in the event that it finds that the services are being used in violation of these terms and conditions, the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and the generally accepted moral norms.

Art. 22. (1) Except as provided in these terms and conditions, the contract between “S&I” and the user shall terminate upon termination of the activities of “S&I” or termination of the website maintenance.

Art. 23. Apart from the cases mentioned above, each party can break this contract by giving one week’s notice to the other party in the event of non-fulfilment of contract obligations.

Art. 24. The written form of the contract is considered to be complied with by sending an email or select or mark in the field (check box) on the website.


Art. 25. The parties declare that, in the event that any provision (s) in the present general terms and conditions prove to be invalid, it does not entail the nullity of the whole contract or other parts. The invalid clause will be replaced by the mandatory rules of the law or established practice.  


Art. 26. (1) “S&I” undertakes to notify users of any changes in these general terms and conditions within 7 days from the onset of this circumstance through the users’ email accounts.

             (2) If the user does not agree with the amendments to these general terms and conditions, s/he is entitled to withdraw from the relationship with “S&I”, governed by the contract,without giving any reason and without due compensation or a penalty. To exercise this right, the user must notify “S&I”; within one month of receipt of the communication referred to in the preceding subparagraph.

            (3) In the event that the user does not exercise his right to withdraw from the contract in accordance with the procedures set out in these general terms and conditions, it is considered that the amendment is accepted by the user without any objections.  


Art. 27. All outstanding questions of the general terms and conditions shall be subject to the provisions of the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.

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